PACIFIC BEACH (NEWS 8) - People living in their vehicles has become a contentious issue with many residents expressing safety concerns, and on Wednesday, the Pacific Beach Town Council heard more of those concerns as it searches for ideas to fix the situation. 

The town council also heard from Pacific Beach residents on how the recent repeal of vehicle habitation ordinance is affecting their community.

Mary Albrecht, who lives in Pacific Beach, told News 8 there has been a school bus parked in front of her house, near Fanuel Park, and is worried about all the drugs, trash and feces being left behind by people sleeping in their car.

"We will find fecal material and men using our bushes for a bathroom," she said. 

According to the Pacific Beach Town Council president, a San Diego mayor representative told him the mayor is looking into a new ordinance to address vehicle habitation.

At Wednesday’s meeting, Dreams For Change – which operates safe parking lots for homeless in cars – talked about their efforts and looking for an RV lot.

Councilmember Dr. Jen Campbell sent a memo to the mayor proposing South Shores on Mission Bay to be designated as a safe lot and hopes all City Council members find city property to do the same.