SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – Many angry parents sounded off Monday night after the Sweetwater Union High School District crossed the line by changing school attendance boundaries.

Many of the parents who sounded off in front of the school board chose their homes based on the schools they wanted for their children.

To make matters worse, some parents paid Mello-Roos taxes for the newer schools.

"It's disappointing and frustrating to find out that our hand is being forced and we're being pushed off to the Bonita schools,” said Theresa West.

One mother was in tears as she said her child’s new school would be much farther.

“My daughter, if you guys make the change, will need to walk two miles to go to Bonita,” she said.

The district said it’s a change it has been working on for several months due to the growth in the South County.

“We just thought it was time. The Board of Trustees thought it was time. Boundary changes are definitely a set thing. The board has made that decision,” said Manny Rubio with the Sweetwater Union High School District.

Parents, however, felt the board drew down the line, dividing the area in half. Students would either attend Eastlake schools or Bonita schools.

“How betrayed and violated I feel about your decision to rezone our neighborhood,” said Lea Rivera.

One father noted the added stress to military families.

"When a change is forced and not due to a military move, that doesn't seem right," Carl Tinney said.

The change would affect incoming seventh grade and ninth grade students.

The board does plan to make some concessions, such as, keeping siblings together if they're zoned to different schools. Also, grandfathering some students in and allowing for some transfers.

As far as the taxes issue, the board says it will continue to work on a better solution.