This is a news update: 

SACRAMENTO (CBS 8) - UC Davis Medical Center reports that the patient being treated for a possible Ebola infection has tested negative for the virus.

Health officials say the patient has symptoms consistent with the virus. The patient is reported to have a different infection. 

Original story below: 

SACRAMENTO (CBS 8) - A patient is being treated for possible Ebola symptoms in Sacramento County.

UC Davis Medical Center confirms they have a patient with a suspected case of Ebola. They did not elaborate on what kind of symptoms the patient has, or why they believe this person may have Ebola.

It appears the patient originally went to Mercy General Hospital in eastern Sacramento. Dignity Health, who runs Mercy General released the following statement:

"In coordination with the public health department and CDC, Dignity Health Mercy General Hospital has transferred a patient to UC Davis Medical Center, which is specifically equipped to care for patients suspected of having or diagnosed with Ebola as part of the public health department's preparedness plan."

Mercy General was performing a thorough cleaning of its emergency room area, which is expected to reopen later Thursday. Ambulances were being re-routed to other hospitals.