The nationwide peanut butter recall has been expanded to included peanut butter cookies and cookie dough distributed by fundraisers at 162 public and private schools in California.

It's the latest addition to a national recall of products potentially tainted with a strain of salmonella, according to the California Department of Public Health.  It is warning consumers not to eat, or handle the Dough-To-Go products.  Those products were produced in Santa Clara and distributed to 30 California counties. 

The affected products sold under the Dough-To-Go and Jane Dough labels were sold between August 2008 and January 16 of this year. 

Consumers can also check the product directly by examining the lot codes printed on the side of the product's box. The following lot codes have been recalled:

CBB-335-40 (12 cookies per case)

CBB-330-20 (72 cookies per case)

CBR-190-20 (80 cookies per case)

CBR-330-20 (80 cookies per case)

CBR-330-12 (144 cookies per case)

CBR-190-18 (18 pound pail)

CBR-320-18 (18 pound pail)

FUN-001-0U (36 cookies per case)

FUN-320-0O (36 cookies per case)

CMB-PBU-30 (24 cookies per case)