SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - It's been an emotional day for the CBS News 8 family as photographer Bill Tracey, who joined the KFMB family 1981, officially retired Friday.

For more than 35 years, Bill made everyone at Channel 8 better, and he always did it with a smile.

From the days of film cameras to video tapes and now computers chips, Bill was the newsroom chameleon. He quickly adapted to the newest technology and never made mistakes.

His positive encouraging and can-do attitude made Bill the go-to-guy at the station.

From a special shoot in Antarctica with Loren Nancarrow in 1988, to a Super Bowl road trip across the country with Larry Himmel in 1994, and countless Zevely Zones, Bill was always up to the challenge to show viewers something new.

Bill was the photographer every reporter wanted to work with, but to all of us, he was just a coworker. He is a guy who everyone in the newsroom is proud to call a friend.

Bill will enjoy his retirement in his home state of New Mexico.

He will be gone, but never forgotten - and certainly, around here, never replaced.

Bill is the best of the best and all of at KFMB already miss him!