SANTEE (CBS 8) - Two people were killed Thursday morning when their small plane crashed into the driveway of a Santee home. 

[ 2 dead after small plane crashes into driveway of Santee home

Residents in the neighborhood say Thursday's crash is something they have come to expect.

"I saw one go down when I was 18 years old. I’ve seen one lose a wheel and it landed in an apartment building,” says local resident Cary Nichols.

While Thursday's plane crash was shocking for neighborhood residents, it's similar to many of the crashes people have experienced given the fact that their homes are right underneath the Gillespie Field flight path.

In 2013, the same plane involved in Thursday's crash made an emergency landing on SR-52, just west of SR-125 after experiencing an engine problem. No one on board was injured in that crash. 

In Thursday's crash, two people were killed just minutes after their take off from Gillespie Field. One of the victims was a veteran flight instructor with the Golden State Flying Club and the other was his student pilot. The owner of the club says they have never experience a fatality in their 47 years of operation and that the plane involved had gone through all the appropriate safety checks. One club member added that the single engine plane was rebuilt after the 2013 freeway incident. 

The Golden State Flying Club provided this statement: 

We are Very saddened by the tragic accident involving one of our aircraft this morning. Our hearts go out to those on board and their families. At this time the NTSB, FAA and law enforcement are investigating the crash and we'll learn more when the facts begin to become available.

Neighbors say this tragedy is a prime example of why changes need to be made to prevent further accidents. 

"There’s too many people flying. It's the students, they shouldn't be flying here," says Cary Nichols. “It’s going to happen again." 

At this time, investigators have not determined the cause of the crash.