SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) — It's expected to draw thousands to downtown San Diego - women of all ages will march in solidarity with the thousands marching on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., Saturday – one day after president-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office.

"I think its gonna be incredible," said Katie Howard who will be participating in the local march. "It doesn't make me proud to be in a country where that's our president and that's who's representing us." 

Howard owns Little Dame Boutique in North Park and says she is one of several female business owners taking a stand. 

"Having a president who's made so many awful comments about women is just scary," Howard said. "I think that it's our job to show the administration the amount of work they have cut out for them. They have a lot of unhappy people." 

Just days after the election, protests erupted in San Diego, and on Facebook, more than 16,000 locals say they will participate in the march this weekend. 

"I'm excited to see how many people come out in our city and cities all over the country," Howard said.  

Besides downtown, "sister marches" are also planned in north, south and east county. 

And there are other rallies planned on Friday. 

At UC San Diego, a group will be hosting a walkout and a rally in the morning. 

Around midday, there is a march downtown from San Diego City college to the federal building. 

And Friday night, Union del Barrio is hosting a rally in Chicano Park. 

"We just want to say what we're feeling," said Howard. "I would just encourage women to come out to feel inspired."  

But will these protests and marches change anything? And is it time to just move forward? 

"I think we can move on, but it doesn't mean we have to accept everything that other people are planning for the country," Howard said. "I think its important for us to stand up."