NEW YORK (AP) — A vote on a settlement to the lockout is what every NFL fan wants. Nobody is sure when that might happen.

The players' executive committee will meet Monday in Washington after lawyers have worked through the weekend on issues that are holding up an agreement with the owners. Several people with knowledge of the meeting have told The Associated Press that no vote to recommend a deal is certain Monday.

The people spoke on condition of anonymity because the players association has not revealed its plans.

Owners approved a tentative agreement to end the four-month lockout on Thursday. But the players said they need more information before they can vote, and took issue with portions of the proposal. Several players only saw that full proposal late Saturday.

Should the players' executive committee vote to accept the deal, it then would go to the 32 team representatives to approve. After that, some 1,900 players would need to vote, with a simple majority required for passage.

The 10 named plaintiffs in the players' lawsuit against the league — including Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees — must officially inform the court in Minneapolis of their approval of the pact, too.

Team facilities would open two days after the executive committee authorizes the deal, which would be Wednesday if a vote comes Monday. Players then can get physicals, sign union cards, receive playbooks, and agents can negotiate or renegotiate contracts. No contracts could be signed, however, until Saturday, when camps would open if the NFLPA is back to being a union and the agreement is approved.

But a person with knowledge of the executive committee meeting said it will be "to understand where things stand after this weekend's conversations. No talk of not voting, no talk of vote."

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