SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – San Diego wildlife photographer Domenic Biagini captured spectacular video of a pod of six killer whales off the San Diego coast over the weekend.

Biagini told News 8 he initially went out in search of a blue whale but described the orca encounter as a “whale watching jackpot.”

On his YouTube page, Biagini wrote, "Spending time alone with Orcas on a small boat in the middle of the ocean is an experience I will never forget. Viewed from above, the water was a perfect, serene blue that served as a beautiful window into the lives of these majestic animals."

The pod of orcas were captured Saturday morning several miles off Mission Beach.

Drone footage of killer whales in crystal clear blue water 20-miles off the coast of San Diego taken by Domenic Biagini

Domenic Biagini posted his encounter with the killer whales on his Instagram page. 

Last month, Biagini posted spectacular video of a northbound gray whale migration - video he captured via a drone. 

Visit his YouTube channel to view his other wildlife videos.