SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — Police in the South Bay fired pepper balls at a suspected car thief after he resisted arrest Sunday afternoon, according to authorities.

Police officers positioned in the 2200 block of Judith Avenue tried to get the man out of a reportedly stolen vehicle where he sat with a German shepherd.

The suspect refused to move, and police said he appeared to be trying to grab things under the seat.

Police fired pepper balls at the vehicle and the suspect put his hands in the air. He then put his hands out of the window and pointed as police continued to fire.

Moments later the suspect exited the car and started walking away with the dog. Police then fired pepper balls at the man who went to the ground and was swarmed by officers.

Police were then able to handcuff the suspect and carried him to a squad car where he was searched.

"Based on the behavior we saw [there] might be some mental illness, some narcotics, it’s too early in the investigation, [but] that’s something obviously we’re going to look at,” said San Diego Police Lt. Christian Sharp.