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Election Stress: A lot of Americans just want it to be over

The 2016 Presidential Election is only 22-days away, but for many Americans it cannot come soon enough.

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The 2016 Presidential Election is only 22-days away, but for many Americans it cannot come soon enough.

This election has been ranked as one of the most contentious in decades, but there is one thing voters from both parties can agree on about this year's divisive season - stress.

There is so much stress surrounding the election that the American Psychological Association (APA) has even issued coping tips.

Some San Diegans said this election is so stressful they are considering not voting.

Dr. Michael Lardon, an associate clinical professor in the University of California ,San Diego's department of psychiatry said the election evokes strong emotions concerning the candidates.

"It really creates this amazing feeling..an emotional response rather than a more cerebral response of who would be the next president. It's about things like vitriol, anger, the words are so caustic, it pits men and women," said Dr. Lardon.

A psychological survey conducted by the APA showed election stress rampant across racial lines and age groups. Americans with disabilities and those on social media experienced more election-related stress.

The APA said the stress level is bipartisan and strongly representative of both Republicans and Democrats.

The heated presidential debates have also served as a point of contention.

"It's a reality TV show," said Dr. Lardon.

The extensive talk about sexual assaults have also been PTSD triggers for victims.

"They're bringing up all this stuff that is not really that relevant as to who is running the country, so without question it triggers really detrimental emotional responses," said Dr. Lardon.

In California, there is only one more week left to register to vote for the Nov. 8 general election, or to re-register for those who have moved or wish to change parties.

The deadline to register is Oct. 24

The Registrar of Voters Office at 5600 Overland Ave. in Kearny Mesa is open weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for those who want to fill out a ballot in person before election day. The office will also be open for weekend voting on Nov. 5-6.

The stressful discourse has gotten so bad, that many voters are shying away.

"Neither of the candidates are telling anybody what they're going to do for the country once they get into office.. all they care about is what bad thing the other person has done in the past," said John Bobbitt, a Santee native, who lives in Arizona.

With all the election stress, psychologists suggest meditation, laughing and avoiding social media.