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The campaign domain war is raging

The Biden campaign recently snagged the "Keep America Great" domain and is using it to take aim at Trump. Conversely, ANTIFA.com redirects you to JoeBiden.com

SAN DIEGO — The Biden campaign recently learned the Keep American Great domain name, which is also the president's campaign slogan, was available. The Biden campaign bought it and filled it with this: "Promises made, Promises broken."

The promises include everything from the economy to national security.

Political analyst, Laura Fink, said this type of domain hijacking is not new.

"You can believe that whatever digital strategist on the Trump side is upset," said Fink.

So, will this impact votes?

"Traditionally, these types of maneuvers are done to get in the heads of the opposition, so its less to persuade voters and more to try and upset the candidate on the other side," said Fink.

On the other side, ANTIFA is a far-left, militant, anti-fascist political network.

Antifa.com redirects you to Joe Biden's official website, where you can donate money.

Attorney and political analyst Wendy Patrick weighed in.

"In criminal law, we have guilty by association, which is exactly what might end  up happening when you have an ANTIFA site linking to Joe Biden's campaign platform," said Patrick.

Both analysts said aligning Biden with a lawless group and Trump-trolling may not likely make a difference in the election because those who are seeking out campaign slogans on either side are not typically in the persuadable population.

"I suppose we'll find out in November," said Patrick.

The origin of the re-direction and who is responsible for it remains unknown.

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