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Where the results stand in the race for Mayor of National City

Early Tuesday polling results show National City voters could return longtime leader, Ron Morrison to the mayor’s office for the fourth time.

NATIONAL CITY, Calif. — The results are still coming in but National City could soon have a new mayor and whoever that is, that person will have to face several issues that have burdened the city.

Issues that include the highest crime rate in the county, the effects of decades of pollution stemming from industrial companies and the need for better infrastructure.

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Candidates in the mayoral race include, Council member Ron Morrison, Councilmember Jose Rodriguez, and Incumbent Mayor Alejandra Sotelo-Solis.

Where the results stand


Although it’s not Morrison's first time running for mayor, he told CBS 8 his current and past plans have always been for the better of the city.

“My main concern here is National City, people know that they trust me. And we get along and it’s not about ethnicity, or its not about what sex, or background or religion. And it's not about any of those things, it's about bringing people together despite all of our differences,” said Morrison. 

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The longtime city politician is focused on a better quality of life and a cleaner city.

He believes investing in the community could help stop gang violence. Two teens were killed just two weeks ago in an alleged gang shooting.

“You’ll see me out in the community, that’s always been my thing, before when I was mayor, we were the crime capital of the county, when I first came in. It was not too long after that–we started doing stuff out in the community. We started building up pride in the community,” said Morrison.    

As for his opponent Jose Rodriguez, his focus is on better infrastructure. He recently supported a new property tax that will generate revenue for urgent improvement to city streets.

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“Our streets are in terrible condition, we need to make sure that we continue to invest in them.  Even in our own studies we need about 3 to 4,000 street lights,” said Rodriguez.

As for the lowriding cruise ban that has also become a hot topic, Morrison says he opposed a repeal but would support a modified version that would allow cruising as a permitted event, while his opponent, Rodriguez, approves a full repeal. 

“It is really different families coming together, we must not label them as if they are doing illegal things,” said Rodriguez.

In a statement, Mayor Sotelo-Solis said her plans if reelected to a second term include addressing the city's housing needs including, "Working with non-profit partners to create a plan & solutions to address homelessness as well as bolster community engagement with boards & commissions while growing our economic development opportunities with our business community.”

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