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California Gas Prices: Where things stand on gas tax holiday and rebate proposals

Five different proposals have come out of the Capitol to help with increasing costs

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — It’s been a month since Governor Gavin Newsom first proposed a gas tax rebate to help Californians with the costs at the pump at his State of the State address in March.

Since then, politicians have put forward a handful of other proposals, but it will be a while before anyone sees relief. Every proposal has a different reason and a different timeline. 

Under the governor’s plan for example, he is doing it through his budget revision which is in May, and those debit cards could start going out in July.

The governor's proposal is not the first. Back in January, Republicans proposed a gas tax holiday to immediately suspend the 51 cents you pay in taxes at the pump. 

"We think that is really the most immediate relief that we can give people on gas prices right now," Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher said, "And we will also work on a rebate. Why not do both?”

That bill was gutted by Democrats in the Transportation Committee, and replaced with a tax increase on suppliers when they charge too much compared to the price of crude oil. Money will be sent back to consumers. 

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The changes passed the committee, but the changes aren’t in print yet so no date can be set for the next committee. 

"I hope that they don't move that forward, because I don't think that will solve anybody's problem," Gallagher said. "It will probably, in all likelihood, it will just increase costs for Californians."

The third proposal from about a dozen members of the Democratic Caucus would provide $400 checks to each tax filer. 

“We are working really hard to fine-tune the details of that proposal and reach an agreement so that we can get gas money in your pocket as quickly as possible,” Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie Norris said. 

She said her bill will be in writing Thursday, and could be heard in its first committee when lawmakers come back from spring break on April 18. 

“So my goal...is still to push this through in the spring," she said. 

There’s also the governor’s plan, which gives up to $800 to every registered vehicle owner. He needs to work with the legislature to pass this in May, and hopes to start getting those out in July. 

Finally, another proposal Pro Tem Toni Atkins and Speaker Anthony Rendon gives every taxpayer who earns below $250,000 and their dependent $200.

That idea is not in a bill yet, but a spokesperson said she is actively working on it. 

Long story short, it will be a while before any of these are solidified.

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