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Luria: Pipe bomb reported outside Washington office, can hear 'what sounds like multiple gunshots'

Congresswoman Elaine Luria said supporters of President Donald Trump were trying to force their way into the U.S. Capitol as Congress met to confirm the Biden win.

WASHINGTON — While Congress began the process of confirming the Joe Biden win in the presidential election, demonstrators filled the streets outside the U.S. Capitol and Congresswoman Elaine Luria said at least some of them were trying to force their way into the building.

Luria, a Democrat from Norfolk, shared the information in a tweet. She also said that she had to evacuate her office in Washington because of a report of a pipe bomb outside of it. Luria added that she could hear "what sounds like multiple gunshots."

The congresswoman added to the original tweet, writing: "I don’t recognize our country today and the members of Congress who have supported this anarchy do not deserve to represent their fellow Americans."

Shortly after the confirmation process started, Republicans filed their first objection to the election results by contesting the results in Arizona. The debates in each chamber of Congress quickly ended because of the situation at the Capitol.

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