OCEANSIDE, Calif. — A North County San Diego candidate running for state office spoke out Wednesday after a controversial video surfaced of him. In the video posted to YouTube, District 76 candidate for state assembly Michael Murray is shown making crude sexual comments. He says he was just rehearsing a stand-up comedy routine.  

News 8 spoke with Murray, who currently serves as an aide for Oceanside Councilman Christopher Rodriguez, on Wednesday. He said he did not want to answer questions but offered a statement and said he wanted to make it clear the video was never intended to be made public.  

“I’m not the perfect candidate but I don’t think there’s ever been one,” said Murray. "But I am a fighter” 

In the video, Murray is speaking to someone off camera, using vulgar language and talking about sexual relationships. At one point, he is heard using numbers to rate women.  

The video was posted to an Oceanside Facebook page by Noel Breen who says he felt compelled to share it. 

"The content is pretty repulsive," Breen said.

Murray, who is a father and combat veteran, says the clip was taken years ago while he was working as a comedian but those who left comments on YouTube were not amused.  

“How is that video funny? Disgusted, absolutely disgusted,” one person wrote. 

“There is nothing really humorous about misogyny,” read another comment.  

Murray says his mission is to be transparent and the video does not represent who he is today and what he stands for. 

“I’m sorry. I truly accept responsibility for it,” he said. “It was truly meant for entertainment. That was my life then.” 

Moving forward Murray has no plans of slowing down, hoping to put his past behind him.  

“I don’t want to wait to do what I know I’m capable of doing,” he said.