SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – Major concerns about security at the Port of San Diego after it was targeted by hackers in a cyberattack.

The Port of San Diego first received reports of the attack on Tuesday. They quickly mobilized a team of experts, including federal investigators, to treat and resolve the incident.

In a statement published Wednesday, agency CEO Randa Coniglio said the hack impacted issuing of park permits, public records requests and the Harbor Police.

Cyber security expert and San Diego State University professor Murray Jennex said it will be up to the port’s IT department to get systems back to normal. Professor Jennex said it will take a team of investigators and federal authorities to find out who was behind the hack.

According to Jennex, because so many businesses and municipalities rely on the port, it made it an attractive target for probing. That is usually a test by hackers to see how vulnerable important systems are to future cyberattacks, according to Jennex.

If it was not a probe by another government, according to Jennex, it could be a single or even group of hackers looking to make a statement.