Cracks, dips and pot holes are making for a bumpy ride on many San Diego streets. Last month's rain cracked and degraded hundreds of road across the county, and the budget might be stretched to fix many of them.

The City of San Diego says they ideally patch up potholes within 48 hours of being notified, but admit they've been backlogged by a flood of reported potholes recently following the rainstorms.

"We are a few days behind. We are planning on catching up this weekend by having additional crews coming and addressing potholes," Hasan Yousef of the City of San Diego Street Division said.

After News 8 called, crews began patching up Engineer Road between Convoy and Mercury, welcome news for drivers who say they're getting used to swerving down the street.

"If you hit it just right, you're gonna feel it and you're gonna get some damage," driver Darian Hollis said.

The cost to the city to repair potholes runs around $1 million annually, normally operating eight trucks, with crews patching up 40,000 to 50,000 holes every year. Some drivers worry that funding could be driven down by the city's budget crisis.

"I'm sure it's going to get worse," driver Susan Heavilin said.

But the city says pothole repair will not be a casualty of the cutbacks.

"Our budget for pothole repair has not been impacted," Yousef said. "It is our number one priority to ensure our streets are safe for the public."

While there is money to repair these larger potholes, smaller cracks here aren't part of the repair budget. The city says they're fixed when a road gets re-surfaced once every 20 years.

The number to report potholes in the city of San Diego is 619-527-7500.

The number for San Diego County is 877-684-8000.