POWAY (CBS 8) - Outraged parents demanded answers Wednesday from the Poway Unified School District after a massive data breach released personal information of more than 36,000 students.

The privacy breach leaked information about every student in the district and it included medical information, home addresses, nicknames, birthdates, student grades, test scores and parents' sensitive occupations.

On Monday, Gabriela Dow told CBS News 8 she had asked the school district for records containing her own name but she mistakenly received sensitive personal information about more than 36,000 children.

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Dow sought the information as part of her role as a member of the district's Educational Technology Advisory Committee.

In return she received two discs with the sensitive information, however, information did not include Social Security numbers.

"We are dealing with the equivalent of someone leaving the doors open to come in and potentially harm the children. That is when it really hits home and you realize each of these is a child whose information needs to be kept safe," she told CBS News 8.

A district attorney spokesperson confirmed to CBS News 8 the privacy breach is under review.

The breach is another black eye to the district after the superintendent was put on paid leave last month while the school board conducts an internal audit.