SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - An investigation is underway at Poway Unified School District after an offensive video containing racial slurs was posted to social media.

The incident was reportedly recorded off school property and after school hours. It was over the weekend that PUSD administrators and board members were made aware of the offensive video posted on social media. It contained racial slurs and was posted by a Poway High School student.

However, PUSD says they are taking this matter very seriously, and want to make it very clear that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

The school district recently tweeted in part:

“We are taking this matter very seriously as we investigate, and the appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken.”

They also went on to say they are extremely disappointed by the students' behavior and want to emphasize that it does not reflect their values of making sure students are able to learn in a safe and caring environment. This isn’t the school’s first experience with racial issues. The school also dealt with some students targeting certain groups back in 2016 which lead to a unity rally.

Poway High School is a "No Place for Hate" campus and the students and staff have worked hard toward achieving that goal.

They are meeting with concerned students, families, and staff, and are confident they can use this incident as a learning opportunity to improve their overall cultural understanding and collaboration.