SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Ocean Beach residents were hit hard by flooding when the last El Niño storms hit the area, and Wednesday night they came together to become better prepared to avoid repeating history.

Ocean Beach residents said they set up a neighborhood flood watch to keep the drains clear because it could take the city years to replace storm pipes.

During the Ocean Beach Town Council meeting, Councilwoman's Lorie Zapf's representative Conrad Wear informed residents on the steps being taken to prevent another massive flooding like that one that hit Ocean Beach in January.

"If you have sand in your driveway or dirt and debris, please take a look at that. Be sure to call it in right away. If you see flooding don't just say someone else called in. We can get a temporary pump out there," said Wear.

During the January storms, the fire department was overwhelmed with calls from drivers going through flooded streets and people walking through high waters.

"Part of the problem is they have taken the storm drains out of Ocean Beach," said Kathy Blavatt, an Ocean Beach resident.

In Ocean Beach fashion, the community agreed they will do their part to be better prepared.

Councilwoman Zapf also handed out sandbags and encouraged everyone to have them ready long before the storms hit.

To report storm flooding and damage call 619-235-1000.