SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – Will it stay or will it finally go? The debate continued to rage over a controversial recycling center in Point Loma.

On Thursday night, the Peninsula Community Planning Board heard arguments for and against Prince Recycling for the first time, but they did not vote on any action.

Prince Recycling owner, James Prince, and supporters voiced their approval for the center in the form of a show of hands and applause.

“They are saying that the danger of the children and all these thing and there has not been one incident at our place,” said Prince.

During public comment there was some back and forth between folks in the crowd, and at one point a police officer had to tell the crowd to remain calm.

“The board has a right to shut down this meeting if the people who want to voice themselves cannot do it in a civil and respectful manner,” said the police officer.

Margaret Virissimo is the board’s secretary, but she has been vocal as a community advocate – calling for Prince Recycling to relocate.

“We don’t want to be the force to drive Prince out of the community in bad way. We are just trying to find a safe location for it,” she said.

An eviction notice with a date of March 28th was circulated in the past few weeks, but Prince maintains he has never been served.

When asked if he would leave the plaza by March 28th, Prince directed News 8 to his attorney.

Originally the board was going to vote on sending the city a letter to ask them for support, however, they decided the public venting would suffice for now.