FALLBROOK (CBS 8) - Dozens of teens, parents, marched and skated down Fallbrook demanding change after a witness recorded San Diego County Deputy Jeremy Banks on cell-phone tasing a 13-year-old. 

On Monday, Sheriff Bill Gore defended the decision by one his deputies to use the taser. 

According to the sheriff, when the reported runaway boy refused to get in the car to go home, the sheriff tried to handcuff him and they got in a scuffle. Gore said the teen was out of control.

"After being severely bitten by the juvenile, our deputy deployed his taser in an effort to take control of the juvenile," said Gore. 

Protesters demanded the deputy be held accountable for tasing a 13-year-old. 

"He was a good friend. When he would get home he would tell me, I learned a new trick," said Tommy Duran, the tased teen's neighbor. 

The protesters said they want respect and a skatepark. Some parents said if Fallbrook had a skate park, the teen may not have been tased. 

"It was very disturbing, and I am very upset, very upset. If he gets reprimanded or not, I just hope we get a skatepark, a safe environment," said Fallbrook Skaters' mentor Foz Hernandez.

Some parents said if Fallbrook had a skatepark, the teen may not have been tased. 

"It's really good to have a skatepark here. The cops are getting really mad. If they go somewhere they can't skate, they are going to get in trouble for it," said Duran. 

The Sheriff's released pictures of the deputy's injuries from the bite marks, but protesters said the deputy's use of force with a taser went too far.

The Sheriff's Department insists the teen was not put in a chokehold, but the deputy did wrapped his arm around the teen's upper body. 

"I have a hard time seeing and justifying any of this to a 13-year-old," said Todd Winegar.

Sheriff Gore said Deputy Banks remains on the beat and will not be punished. On Sunday the Sheriff hired security to guard the substation in Fallbrook where vandalized spray painted the building and damaged patrol cars Sunday night. 

A witness to the incident said he wants Banks removed from the Sheriff's Deputy. "It's child abuse to the fullest," said the witness.

The teen remains in juvenile hall where he faces a felony charge of resisting arrest with injury to a deputy. 

The teen's family did not provide any comment.