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Protesting the plan to get rid of Saturday mail delivery

Concerned citizens and postal employees gathered outside the Downtown San Diego Post Office Sunday protesting the proposed elimination of Saturday delivery.

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Concerned citizens and postal workers around the country are rallying to protect Saturday mail delivery.

Here in San Diego, they gathered outside the Downtown San Diego Post Office.

Protestors are demanding Congress come up with a better plan than to eliminate a sixth day of mail delivery.

"What people can do at home is they can make sure they write their congressmen and senators to ensure that they support 6-day mail delivery and postal reform that helps upkeep delivery mail to every household in America," said George Elias, Exec. VP Nat'l Assoc. of Letter Carriers.

They say the plan is an attack on the future of the Postal Service, and just a few steps away from one or two days week delivery.

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