SANTEE (CBS 8) - Neighbors in Santee are pushing the city to take action over a hoarder's home they said is unsafe.

The home has windows, garage doors, and motor-homes all boarded up with a notice to vacate, but according to neighbors the property looks better now than it did when the order came out in May.

The home is owned by Rebecca Zulauf.

Google images from ten years ago show junk surrounding the home and an RV in the front of the home, which is located on Santana Street.

In 2012, a fire destroyed the garage and Ms. Zulauf said insurance would not pay and she does not have the money to bring the home up to code.

"It's not been easy for my neighbors, but it really has not been easy for anybody here," she said during a meeting Wednesday night.

According to Ms. Zulauf, she is a hospice nurse taking care of people who live in the home, but neighbors believe there are drugs involved.

The city has been dealing with complaints on the home since 2009. At the time, inspectors found makeshift bedrooms and exposed electrical wiring.

Ms. Zulauf's daughter, Jessica Zulauf, pleaded with the City Council and said, "the last thing I ever want is not to have this house in my family. Especially how close she is getting to paying it off."

Ms. Zulauf refused to comment after the meeting, but agreed to vacate the home. She has until August 11 to bring her home up to code, if not she could lose her house.

She moved one of the RVs to one of her homes in Lakeside on Aquilla Drive. Neighbors there are also irritated and called it an eyesore. They said they have complained to the county for years.

Neighbors said a man connected to the home was stabbed to death and found by the newspaper man in April.