SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Students at San Diego State University Monday night are shining a light on sexual violence. Students are working to create awareness and promote prevention.

Take Back the Week kicked off Monday on campus and is a week-long series to raise awareness about sexual violence and the school's resources.

“If I see anything inappropriate, anything I don't like I am taking a stand to end sexual violence on campus,” said SDSU student Karen Molina.

“When times I do see something happening, I am fully prepared to step in,” added SDSU freshman and Pi Kappa Alpha member Mark Martin

Last year, a state audit named SDSU as one of four schools that did a poor job educating students about sexual violence on campus, but SDSU is changing that.

“Sexual violence is an issue facing campuses across the country and at SDSU we really want to keep the dialogue going,” said SDSU spokesperson, Beth Chee.

The university formed a sexual violence task force made up of staff and students like senior Tanisha Scorza.

“I just really feel passionate about, women, children, men should not be subject to sexual violence,” said Scorza a SDSU senior and Sexual Violence Task Force member. “They should live in a world free of violence."

By living they are pledging to end the rape culture and be safe on campus.

In January, the university received a $200,000 grant from the governor's emergency services office to combat sexual violence.