SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The controversial issue over parental rights and vaccinations has sparked more debate after the senate education committee voted to pass a bill that requires all school children be vaccinated.

The hot button issue was at the center of a rally in downtown San Diego at 1:00 p.m. Friday.

Parents and their children began their rally at the Civic Center and ended at B Street in front of Senator Marty Block's office, who they're not happy with because of his support of Senate Bill 277.

The bill would allow only vaccinated children to attend public and private schools and just Thursday night, the Senate Education Committee voted to advance it.

The measure was introduced partly in response to the measles outbreak that originated at Disneyland in December 2014. In that outbreak more than 130 people became sick.

Currently, California has a personal belief exemption, as well as a religious exemption, which gives parents the right to choose if they want to vaccinate their children. If this bill becomes law, it would be repealed.

Most doctors meanwhile have maintained that vaccines are safe, so the law would work in their favor.

The people that gathered for Friday's rally were expected to wear red.