SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The form of marijuana little Sadie Higuera uses to fight her illness is made by a San Diego based company.

It may sound like an unorthodox choice to treat a baby's life-threatening seizures with a form of medical marijuana, but a Ramona family said it was their best choice after having tried everything else.

Sadie was born with a rare genetic disorder called Schnizel Giedeon Sydrome. By the time Sadie was three-months-old she suffered from as many as 300 seizures a day.

Her parents would watch helplessly as prescription medications would not work.

"Pretty scary every time she had a seizure. I didn't know if it was going to be her last one," said her mother. 

As their options dwindled, Sadie's parents made a gut-wrenching decision to try treating Sadie's seizures with small doses of medical marijuana known as CBD from a San Diego based company called Hemp Meds.

Sadie's parents call the decision life-changing, and Sadie is almost seizure free, according to them.

"It was amazing. Like a miracle," said Sadie's mother. 

The CBD does not have any mind-altering effects associated with THC, and it is injected through a special tube into her stomach.

Sadie will celebrate her second birthday in two weeks. Her parents worried a second birthday would never come.

Sadie's parents also said they understand other parents may criticize their choice, but once others have walked in their shoes with no other options, they would understand. 

Sadie's doctors said that since taking CBD she has also experienced a massive reduction in the number of tumors she had previously suffered from caused by her genetic disorder.