Outraged residents in Ramona aren't letting a violent sexual predator move into their community without a fight.

At a town-hall meeting Thursday night, residents spoke out about plans to moving Matthew Hedge, a convicted sex offender, into a home in Ramona on Highway 67, less than a mile from Hanson Elementary School, two preschools, a Sunday school and two bus stops.

Hedge is scheduled to move into a home that is being paid for by taxpayers at $4,200 a month. The owner of the home came under attack by Ramona residents for entering into the agreement with the state.

Hedge was released once before, but was returned to custody after News8 aired video of children entering his downtown halfway house. Hedge failed to report the visits to authorities.

State officials said Hedge is ready to be released again, and would be tracked with a GPS device.

A public hearing at the San Diego Superior Courts is scheduled to take place on March 13.

Anyone who wishes to voice their opinion on the matter must contact the state by Feb. 27, 2009.