SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – A Ramona woman is calling for safety regulations for electric scooters – claiming she was hit and injured by one in Pacific Beach.

To ride a Lime e-scooter, users must be over 18-years-old with a valid driver’s license. Each e-scooter costs one dollar plus 15-cents per minute to use via a mobile app.

Adriana Soltero said she was knocked to the ground by two individuals riding an e-scooter, which is a violation. Adriana told News 8 she doesn’t remember much from the incident. 

Her husband, Hector, said the two riders were “very, very aggressive. We asked for ID. How did you rent this thing? You don’t have helmets.”

One witness told News 8 said he was not far behind the Solteros. Besides witnessing the event, he was able to take a picture of the QR code – a barcode assigned to each scooter. He was also able to take a picture of the riders. The witness told News 8 the riders were upset about him taking the picture.

Adriana, who is a first grade Ramona teacher, said she went to urgent care and was in the emergency room until midnight on Monday. She suffered from a concussion, bruising, scratches and stiffness. “I was in so much pain. I still am. I haven’t been able to go to work which is awful because I miss my students.”

Scripps Mercy has reported 30 scooter related hospitalizations in three months. As the number of scooter related injuries continues climb, San Diego mayor has proposed regulations – such as lowering speeds in certain zones.

“I certainly do hope there is some kind of regulation. I can’t imagine this happening to a child,” said Adriana.

Lime said it is investigating the injury claim and is committed to enhancing safety. “I would really hope they [Lime] would step to the plate and be accountable,” said Adriana.

Lime said it is promoting a $3 million safety campaign called “Respect the Ride.” The campaign aims to educate riders, pedestrians and the community. It comes with a one-million-dollar liability coverage.

In September, Governor Jerry Brown lifted the helmet law on e-scooters, but Lime said it still encourages riders.

San Francisco, Los Angeles and Santa Monica limit the number of scooters companies can operate. Some cities also limit scooter speeds.

Lime’s full statement to News 8:

"We're saddened to learn of this unfortunate incident in San Diego and hope the pedestrian involved recovers quickly. We're currently looking into the report and stand ready to assist in any way we can." - Taylor Bennett, Public Affairs, Lime.