SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — Students at schools across San Diego added their voices to a national rallying cry to end gun violence on Wednesday.

Students at Rancho Bernardo High School walked out of class in honor of the victims of the Parkland massacre just weeks after threatening messages were found spray painted on the RBHS campus.

Out the school doors and onto the streets, the student marched while chanting for change.

Students and teachers participated in the national school walkout, where at 10 a.m. students on campuses across the country simply walked out of class for 17 minutes in honor of the 17 killed in the Parkland, Florida, school shooting.

Sophomore Rachel Turner held a sign saying, "Those 17 lives matter."

"This is what we need, we need to end gun violence," said Turner.

Many students said they fear going to class post-Parkland.

"All the old men like sitting around desks saying that this doesn't matter - they're not the 15-year-old girl who's crying in front of RBHS, who's terrified," said Turner.

"I'm over this being every day that we have to come to school and worry that we won't be safe and that we won't come home to our parents," said RB junior Aidan Caruso.

Just over two weeks ago close to 20 threatening messages were found spray painted across the Ranch Bernardo High School campus.

That directly increased police presence on campus as detectives tried to track who did it.

Wednesday's short walkout led students across the street as staff supervised.

"This makes me feel proud that for 50 years I've taught school," said 9th grade English teacher Jane Lopez. "They've conducted themselves well. It is a peaceful rally and that's what it's all about."

After the final chant, the students walked back to class with posters in tow, hoping they made a difference.

"I honestly didn't expect it to take off like this," said Caruso. "It brought tears to my eyes."