RANCHO BERNARDO (NEWS 8) - A woman in Rancho Bernardo is on a mission to help a coyote in distress after home video captured the animal with a thick plastic around its neck.

Katie Ryan said she took the video from the living room of her Rancho Bernardo home back on April 15.

"I was horrified - absolutely horrified. I could not imagine how in the world that could have happened," she said.

Katie's theory is that the coyote likely stuck its head into some landscape tubing while chasing another animal.

Wanting to help, Katie called Fish and Wildlife who put her in touch with Fund for Animals in Ramona.

Fund for Animals sent staff member's to Katie's home equipped with nets to set up around the area of her home.

After hours of waiting, they had not luck, but they left behind a cage in case the coyote returned.

Video footage of a coyote with its neck stuck in plastic tubing walking around in Rancho Bernardo (Courtesy: Katie Ryan).

Katie said she is worried because the coyote is clearly in distress.

"She's pretty cut up. The plastic tubing is starting to deteriorate around her neck. She's got eight inch sections that are sticking out," she said.

Katie's neighbor, Bibi Flaherty, shares her concerns. Both want the coyote to be tranquilized.

"I think it is absolutely terrible. I feel bad and I wish somebody would numb it," said Flaherty.

Experts said it's not that simple.

Christine Barton with Fund for Animals said they are acting on behalf of Fish and Wildlife and are doing everything they can.

Katie said she appreciates the support and hopes whatever happens it's not too late.

"Time is ticking and it's now going on over a month. At some point, she is going to become dangerous to the public and we want to get her rescued and back doing what she is supposed to be doing," said Katie.

Fish and Wildlife told News 8 it is tough for them to respond to every case unless it poses a significant safety risk. The agency said they would continue to monitor the situation.

Other Rancho Bernardo residents have also reported seeing the coyote.

Anyone who sees the coyote is asked to call Fund for Animals.