SAN DIEGO (CNS) - A motorist featured in an online video doing stunts up and down the streets of San Diego in a modified Volkswagen Beetle pleaded guilty Monday to six misdemeanor charges, including reckless driving, and was sentenced to 49 days in custody.

Blake Wilkey, 27, was ordered to spend two weekends in jail and serve the remainder of his custody on electronic home detention.

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Wilkey admitted that he was in violation of probation for a previous conviction for reckless driving with a .11 percent blood-alcohol content. Because of his convictions, Wilkey may have his driver's license suspended for at least six months, said City Attorney spokesman Gerry Braun, citing Department of Motor Vehicles regulations.

A judge said Wilkey's actions put the public in danger.

Wilkey was identified as the driver in an online video called "Urban Assault: San Diego Shark Attack,'' in which he's seen off-roading and performing other stunts on freeway on-ramps in San Diego.

Below is the original video uploaded by Perplexed Media: