SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - The summer season has only been here for a few days, but San Diegans have been fighting off excessive temperatures, wildfires and other heat-related threats for weeks.

In every situation, preparation can mean the difference between life, severe injury, or even death.

American Red Cross Communications Director Emily Cox joined News 8’s Heather Myers in studio Tuesday to share advice on how to better prepare yourself for potential disaster, keep yourself safe from the heat, and render aid with hands-only CPR.

The best way to stave the ill effects of high heat, Cox said, is to hydrate. She recommends a gallon-per-day minimum, and well past that if you’re exercising or engaged in physical activity. Dodging direct sunlight can go a long way, but if you have to be outside then make sure to apply ample sunblock and seek the shade when possible.

As you are out and about on a particularly warm day, the chances of witnessing someone struggling through a cardiac event, heat stroke or other heat-related illness rise significantly. According to Cox, most patients suffering cardiac events are helped by bystanders without medical expertise. Hands-only CPR is a simple and effective treatment that can drastically improve a patient's’ rate of survival and limit long-term injury stemming from a cardiac episode.

In addition to the bodily threats posed by excessive heat, the danger of destructive wildfires is ever-present. The Red cross stresses having an emergency kit prepacked with sufficient supplies for each member of your family and any pets you would take with you if forced to evacuate your home.

The Red Cross has a series of mobile apps geared toward first aid and disaster preparation available, and also has educational apps available for children. More information on these apps and all the safety information shared in Tuesday’s Morning Extra segment can be found on the American Red Cross’s local chapter website.