SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Look for roadside volunteers with red shoes in their hands on your way to work Thursday morning as they collect money for the Ronald McDonald House in San Diego.

Money donated Thursday, June 22 will help children like eight-year-old Valeria Raymundo who is recovering from leukemia after spending eight months in Rady Children’s Hospital.

During Valeria’s radiation treatments, chemotherapy, and bone marrow transplant, Valeria’s parents and siblings stayed next door at the Ronald McDonald House.

“They are really here for you. They help so many families like us. We never thought we were going to be in this place,” said Valeria’s father, Armando Raymundo.

Valeria’s mother, Veronica, is also grateful. “Our kids are the most important things in our lives. It really is a team effort to help families like ours get through the toughest thing in our lives.”

The Ronald McDonald House has 47 rooms and will soon add eight more – where families can eat and sleep, frequently free of charge.

“We as our moms and dads if they can make a $20 per-night donation, but that seldom happens, so our job is to raise the rest,” said Chuck Day, Ronald McDonald House CEO.

That is where the San Diego community comes in during the Annual Red Shoe Day Fundraising Drive.

The News 8 team and AM 760’s Mike Slator will be standing on street corners asking the community give whatever they can.

“We are going to have folks out with shoes and canisters and signs. Throw some change into those cans. All the money raised comes here to the San Diego house,” said Day.

The public can also donate online or at any McDonald’s restaurant.

The money raised will allow parents to stay close by their children who are literally fighting for their young lives.

For more information on the Red Shoe Day event June 22 and to make a donation, CLICK HERE.