SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A shark that was found in Marina Village suffering from life-threatening injuries is back in the ocean. 

The shark, a 25-pound gray smooth hound shark was found in distress at Marina Village. She had some injuries caused by fishing line, and actually had a lure hooked into her.

SeaWorld took her in on September 30, and for the past week, vets treated her injuries and rehabilitated her. That's when they also discovered the shark -- which they named Marina -- was pregnant.

She was released into the ocean Wednesday morning into an area called Kelp Forest.

"She kind of took a look around and said 'OK, I'm in the Kelp Forest,' took two little swims and said 'I'm heading down,' and that's exactly what we wanted her to do," Mike Price, Asst. Curator of Fishes at SeaWorld, said.

This actually a very unusual scenario. Typically by the time rescuers find sharks near the shore, their health has already deteriorated to the point that they cannot be saved. SeaWorld employees say this is actually the first time in SeaWorld history they have rescued a shark, rehabilitated it and were able to release it back in the ocean.