ALPINE (CBS 8) - A two-and a half month old tiger cub is getting comfortable at it's new home in Alpine. 

"He is only two-and-a-half months old. We still don't know who originally owned him, or why he was found roaming the streets in Riverside County. We do know he has a new home in Alpine," said Bobbi Brink. 

The cub was found wandering around a Hemet neighborhood and has just been brought to Alpine to be cared for at a local sanctuary. 

"The biggest problem is he doesn't have his sibling, doesn't have his mother. This is the time of his life when he would be learning the most, yet people have yanked him away from nature," said Brink. 

According to Brink, it costs about $10,000 a month to feed a tiger, and Lions, Tigers and Bears runs entirely on donations. 

Brink said they will likely hold a fundraising contest to try and chose a name for the cub. 

The cub appears to be malnourished and health testing will be needed before he can be placed with another tiger. 

CBS News 8's Kelly Hessedal reports from Lions, Tigers, and Bears in his video report.