LIBERTY STATION (NEWS 8) – The Corky McMillin Company’s quiet plan to turn the historic North Chapel in Point Loma into a restaurant is being met with resistance.

The North Chapel was built in 1942, as a place of worship for naval service members and recruits.

Currently, it is home to two congregations, and the chapel hosts weddings and funerals.

For Arlene Paraiso, the North Chapel is more than just a sacred place of worship. It’s the first place her dad attended and it’s also where she laid him to rest.

If developers have it their way, the historic chapel will no longer be a place of worship come June 30th.

The company that operates Liberty Station, Corky McMillin, said the 7,700 square-foot facility is underutilized throughout the week.

The company has already placed the chapel up for lease as a restaurant or retail space.

According to multiple published reports, the company released a statement:

“We are seeking a solution, and we're open to the possibilities of exploring the Chapel as a multi-purpose facility. The building is a historic property, and any future use will comply with adopted guidelines to protect this resource."

Those fighting to preserve the chapel as a place of worship have started a Facebook page and gathered signatures.

Now, they are asking for San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer to step in.

The Peninsula Community Planning Board is also hoping the mayor will become involved in preserving it.

The North Chapel was constructed immediately after the bombing of Pearl Harbor to honor the men and women of the U.S. Navy.