SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - For Kathy Scharbarth's loved ones, their deepest fears were confirmed when the 34-year-old's strangled body was found Friday in a shallow grave in a remote area off Rice Canyon Road, one mile from Highway 76.

Fluorescent paint marks the tire tracks where police believe Michael David Robles drove his vehicle to dispose of his ex-girlfriend. Residents recall seeing a police helicopter Friday night, and numerous officers searching the area on Saturday.

"There's not very many houses up there and I saw two sheriff vans, two cop cars, and a truck going up there also," Rice Canyon resident Sean McKenna said.

The single mother of a 13-year-old girl named Madison was granted a temporary restraining order November 17 against 43-year-old Michael Robles, now in jail on suspicion of kidnapping and murder.

In court documents, she wrote, "Over the past few days I have asked, begged and demanded that Michael David Robles leave me alone. When things do not go his way, he is erratic, forceful, badgering, threatening and I am scared for my safety."

Court records also show on November 16, Robles drove to her Carlsbad condo in an unidentified vehicle and stalked Scharbarth outside of her home. She wrote, "He was lying down in the driver seat and then disappeared from the car. He later moved the car and approached me and my friend acting erratically and I was scared. He pushed me out of the way and barged into my home to confront my friend. He yelled and acted hostile but eventually left when I threatened to call police."

Scharbarth's neighbor Kendra Beebe snapped pictures of Michael Robles driving near the victim's house last Saturday. Beebe, who was savagely attacked in 2008 by her actor ex-boyfriend Shelly Malil, says her intuition sparked her curiosity about Robles.

"There wasn't anything that looked strange about the person, it was just something in my body telling me this isn't right. It is this vicious, horrible monster," Beebe said.

Kathy Scharbarth's family has set up a trust fund for her daughter:

Scharbarth Family Fund
Madison Scharbarth Fund
California Bank and Trust
Account # 2300062102