SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Spring and summer are the months many households purge old items and also shop for new things.

CBS News 8’s Ashley Jacobs heads to the Rock Thrift Store to show off some surprising finds from wedding dresses to nearly new sporting goods.

When shopping at the Rock Thrift Store, you also support important community programs.

The Rock is committed to supporting the community and the San Diego Police Department through its voucher program.

From people who have lost their home to a fire or have had to leave because of domestic violence, whatever the circumstance, the SDPD is able to give vouchers to individuals and families in need of clothing and they can be redeemed at the Rock Thrift Store.

Last year, 166 of the 415 vouchers redeemed were from the SDPD and this year 53 of the 132 have been from the police.