SAN DIEGO (CNS) - San Diego County residents affected by Sunday's mass shooting in Las Vegas may qualify for local victim services and resources, including help paying for expenses associated with loss and recovery, District Attorney Summer Stephan said Wednesday.

A host of San Diego-area residents were at the concert where the mass shooting occurred and are victims of the tragedy, Stephan said. Some of the people affected by the shooting have created GoFundMe accounts and may not realize that, even though the crime happened in Las Vegas, they may be entitled to receive help from the state of California.

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"Words cannot adequately express the pain left in the wake of the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas that caused the senseless loss of innocent lives and the injury of hundreds more," Stephan said. "As a community, we need to do everything we can to help victims of this tragic event, and our team is actively reaching out to identified victims and are standing by to help any additional victims learn about the services and financial support that may be available to them. Our office is here to serve you."

Stephan said people at the show may qualify for victim services even if they were not personally physically harmed.

Victim advocates are available to provide resources, including assistance with the California Victim Compensation Board application, which may help pay for a variety of crime-related expenses including mental health services; medical and dental treatment; income loss; funeral and burial expenses; loss of support; and home or vehicle modifications.

People affected by Sunday's mass shooting can contact the District Attorney's Office Victim Services Division at (619) 531-4041 for assistance regarding applicable compensation benefits, information and resources.