SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - As the death toll form Saturday's 7.8 earthquake in Nepal continues to rise past 4,000, countries all around the world are sending medical and rescue teams, along with supplies.

While some victims of the deadly earthquake have been rescued, there are San Diegans who survived, but are still trapped in the quake zone.

Del Mar based realtor Kat Heldman, her husband, and two other San Diegans are stranded on the side of a mountain in the Lang Tang region of Nepal.

In a phone interview, Kat said they only had enough food left for two or three more days.

"Please let them know we only have a few days left of food," she said.

Caroline Heldman, who lives in Los Angeles, has been working tirelessly to gather information, and help direct rescuers and resources to her sister's hiking group of more than twenty people.

"We have a baby that has two broken legs. He's probably going to lose his legs if he doesn't get to a hospital," said Heldman.

Kat's brother, Christian who lives in San Diego, said she is not one to be dramatic, which makes what she has reported, that much more frightening.

As injured villagers climb up the to their campsite, another San Diegan, Brigida Martinez, has used her skills as a nurse to help.

"My sister's friend Brigida is on the ground. She's the only medical person there, and she's doing double duty trying to patch people up," said Christian.

The Heldman family reported on Monday a helicopter was able to reach their area and evacuate the baby boy with broken legs. Because of limited numbers of helicopters in the region, it could still be days before the rest are rescued.