SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - During the Pope's visit, he performed one of the most controversial acts of his papacy, the canonization of Spanish missionary Junipero Serra. While some don't agree with it, a celebration was held in San Diego Sunday.

St. Francis Chapel was packed during Sunday's noon mass in honor of Junipero Serra's recent canonization.

"It’s very, very special. I have been praying for ten years for his canonization. He's done so much good for California," says Marlene Miranti, a parishioner.

Mission San Diego de Alcalá is known as the very first mission that Saint Junipero Serra started in California. 

"It’s very special to be on the holy ground where Junipero Serra lived and worshiped," said Marlene.

After the mass, worshippers walked in a procession from the chapel to the mission. As part of the procession, worshippers carried a relic which contained a bone fragment of Saint Junipero Serra's body.

Knights of Columbus member Michael Shultz says he likes to embody the Saint's mission to always move forward.

"It’s almost like you're knighting or something. it’s a form of recognition of the godly life this person has lived and the canonization process is basically saying they're all in heaven already, enjoying the beautiful vision and we're here in church to proclaim that," said Michael Shultz.