SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - San Diegans showed their support in the aftermath of the terror attacks in Brussels Tuesday night in Balboa Park. 

Tuesday's vigil is the third one since the Charlie Hebdo attack in January of 2015. 

San Diegans said they will continue to show their support to the local Belgian community. 

"We support those that have been hurt in all of this," said Melvin Weekley, Chairman of the House of Pacific Nations. 

Although the International House of Cottages represents nearly three dozen countries, Belgium is not at Balboa Park. 

The Hall of Nations opened its doors after hours with the American and Belgian flag on either side of candles and welcomed Belgians and the community to pray, and observe a moment of silence. 

In Coronado, the San Castle Man engraved "we love you Brussels stand strong," in the sand. 

Another vigil has not been planned, but anyone interested in working with the House of Pacific Relations can contact them at 619-234-0739.