SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - AT&T workers walked off the job Friday and picketed at AT&T locations throughout San Diego. 

Workers on strike include technicians and call center operators which means local customers are going without those services until an agreement is reached. 

"They are not getting services installed, repaired and we are not here to answer calls. It's unfortunate," said Christopher Roberts, president of the labor union representing workers. 

An AT&T spokesperson told CBS News 8 some services have been interrupted, but calls are being forwarded elsewhere. 

According to Roberts, the decision to go on strike is two fold: 1) Workers have not had a contract in two months because employees believe the one that has been allegedly presented is unfair and 2) According to Roberts, AT&T monitors employees' calls throughout the day but the company will not provide a report detailing its findings. 

Executive Vice President, Tosha Broadnax, stated, "The documents requested are necessary to protect our members from the constant abuse of the monitoring system by management.  We have a contractual right to request and receive these reports."

Union representatives said it would take about an hour to provide them with the report they have requested. 

In a statement, a spokesperson for AT&T said:

"We've had some localized walk outs by wireline employees in San Diego today. A walkout is not in anybody's best interest, and it's unfortunate that the union local chose to do that. We're very prepared to continue serving customers, and are engaged in discussion with the union to get these employees back to work.
This does not involve employees in our wireless business.
We're the country's largest employer of full-time union labor, and we're proud of our longstanding good relationship with our unions."