SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Floating in a cargo ship off the coast of Long Beach, the hopes and dreams of the Duck Foot Brewing Company are stranded at sea.

"Right now we are incredibly concerned," Matt DelVecchio of Duck Foot Brewing Company said.

DelVecchio is a financial planner who loves beer so much, he put his life savings into the start-up craft brewery.

"Until that equipment arrives, we have nothing to sell," he said.

He's waiting for eight stainless steel tanks in order to brew 2,000 gallons of gluten-reduced beer, but the ongoing labor dispute between longshoremen and terminal operators has stopped the flow of cargo, and in turn, Duck Foot.

DelVecchio's business partner Brett Goldstock says together they're losing thousands of dollars a week. Goldstock's day job is at Qualcomm. He also invested his life savings.

"It's considerable. We're talking essentially my life savings and my partner's life savings. So it's no small amount of money, and it really hurts us personally," Goldstock said.

The brewing tanks were supposed to arrive 20 days ago. The beer was supposed flow on April 1. Two deadlines that won't be met.

Construction crews can't build what they don't have, so the stress and the bills mount as DelVecchio and Goldstock wait for their ship to come in.

"It's pushing us back week after week and we are just bleeding money from our life savings to keep this business afloat," DelVecchio said.

The two say they are not taking sides on the labor dispute, but when a new contract is signed, they'd like to have both parties come down a have a Duck Foot craft beer.