SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The San Diego City Council could take action next week on the controversial issue of short-term vacation rentals.

Those in favor of short-term vacation rentals in residential neighborhoods said it is a boon to the local economy - bringing in tens of millions of tourist dollars.

Those opposed said it is bringing down their neighborhoods and that existing city regulations are on their side.

The controversy over short-term vacation rentals has created a heated debate that is pitting neighbor against neighbors.

Cladding green t-shirts on Tuesday night, supporters of short term rentals packed a planning commission meeting touting the economic benefits to the city.

Opponents said it is driving up long-term rental prices and destroying the character of their communities.

"It kills the neighborhood because there is no real neighbor in there. There is somebody different every time you turn around. You have people staying up until two in the morning. That is not what you need in a neighborhood. It changes the neighborhood and it is not for the better," said Eve Anderson.

City Council President Sherri Lightner said the legislation she is proposing would clarify the existing rules on the book which "already states that visitor accommodations are not permitted in single dwelling zones."

Supporter of short-term rentals - citywide - said the proposal did not go the proper legislative channels allowing for public input.

The City Council will hold its hearing on the proposed short-term vacation legislation next Tuesday, November 1, at 10 a.m., at Golden Hall.