SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — San Diego County Councilman Chris Cate is looking to put an end to illegal dumping across the city.

He is proposing a program that would reward individuals who report those who illegally dispose of items like mattresses or appliances.

News 8 visited a spot at Genesee Avenue and Marlesta Drive known for illegal dumping. And despite a sign warning that violators will be prosecuted, people continue dumping things in the area.

Councilmember Cate says in order to curb the problem — why not give people an incentive to report the culprits?

So Cate proposes a "dollars for dumping" program and he'll be introducing the legislation this week to try and crack down on people illegally dumping trash in the city.

The program would reward people for turning in the culprits. It would mimic the city’s "spray and pay program," which rewards San Diegans up to $500 for reporting graffiti vandals.

The money would come from fines paid by vandals who were caught.

Councilmember Cate says far too often trash is just dumped in canyons, in the bay, near beaches - and this new program would empower people who spot it happening to do something about it and possibly be rewarded.

The hope is that with this new program people will be able to use the Get It Done app to report culprits.

As for a timeline, it’s unclear when the program will get started, but it will be introduced this week.