SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A father and son from San Diego survived the 7.8 earthquake in Nepal, but they have been stuck in the country ever since, and on Monday night, they spoke with CBS 8 News.

Jesse Neugarten and his father Larry, both from San Diego, were meeting each other on Mount Everest when the earthquake hit. They found each other, but have been stranded for three days.

Over Skype, Jesse said he still can't comprehend what has happened.

"Last night we were laying in the tent and we felt the ground moving," he said.

Jesse, who is attending Oberlin College in Ohio, said the tremors have continued. "I feel a little scared because, it's just, I feel like every few minutes, I feel the ground shaking when it's really not," he said.

Jesse who is 22-years-old, spoke to CBS 8 News over Skype before he headed to a hospital to continue helping. He said they have food and water, but with the weather and medical transports, they cannot get out.

"We are helpless. We are stuck here," he said.

Jesse was on a 'bucket list" trek on Mt. Everest with his girlfriend Ellie Huizenga and her father David last Monday.

As they were meeting his father, Larry Neugarten, the quake hit.

"We would hang on to the sides of the mountain and hide behind rocks and hope that the land didn't slide everywhere," he said.

The quake lasted 30 seconds.

Above them, an avalanche at Base Camp killed 18 people including four Americans. Jesse was able to safely reunited with his father, but their porters learned their villages had been destroyed, and family members had been killed.

"You can see the pain and the tears and it makes you realize how small you are on a mountain," he said.

Jesse is expecting to leave by Wednesday, but said the bodies and injures they have seen are understandably taking priority.

Neugarten, his girlfriend and their fathers have set up a fund site for their porters who lost everything in the earthquake.