SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - San Diego lifeguards are gearing up for a busy holiday weekend and an even busier summer season.

Helping lifeguards provide safety services to San Diego’s beach communities and cliff areas during the Memorial Day holiday weekend will be new fleet of 2017 vehicles.

Lifeguards and the rest of the city's first responders are hoping everyone will have a safe weekend. 

"We've seen people do all sorts of things. We have seen them dump coals in trash cans. We have seen them dump them on the side of the road or put it out here on the beach and walk out here and turn them on their feet burned," said Chief Brian Fennessy, San Diego Fire Rescue. 

Water temperatures are expected to remain in the low 60s all weekend long, which has inspired some to enjoy the other attractions San Diego has to offer.

The City of San Diego signed a new agreement that has San Diego Toyota dealerships providing up to 35 vehicles for use by local lifeguards. 

The agreement includes service and maintenance for the vehicles for a total savings of $1.2 million to San Diego tax payers.

Last year, lifeguards performed close to 9,500 water rescues.